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Amazing 3D Realism

Create any type of

Design in top view or in 3D
Freely edit in 2D or 3D
Design and go to 3D instantly
Realtime walkthroughs
Day and night visualization
Day, noon, sunset & evening
Includes tutorials
Print to scale
Unlimited undo
Layer support
Lawns, gardens, fountains
1000s of plants, trees, objects
Landscaping, lawns, gardens
Fencing, gates, decks, addons
Sprinklers & irrigation
Extensive outdoor lighting

Sound, motion, wind & wildlife
Create movies & presentations
Superimpose backgrounds
Design over a photo
Integrated picture editor
Import digital photos
Import custom materials
Import custom models
Model creation wizard
Plant growth tool
Hedge creation tool
3D house design (exterior)
Deck building

Edging and retaining walls

New 3D Photo-Imaging!
Flagstone, brick, pavers
Fireplaces & kivas
Raised pool wall tool
Hedge creation tool
Lawn furniture and accessories
Create custom plant varieties
Realistic lighting and shadows
Realistic fire element
Realistic water movement
Pools, spas and ponds
Custom fence styles
Slope, hill & terrain sculpting
Custom boulders and rocks
ESI  Custom Water-Features
ESI  (240) Pool Tile library!
Create custom Ponds with fish
Design from scratch or use our
   design Templates to start!
Create instant watercolor plans New Acrylic decking colors
New flagstone pool copings
New raised tile walls!
US or Metric defaults
New VR reality goggle ready
   (New Oculus Rift compatible!)
   Full 4K video support for 2017

Combine Virtual 3D Pool Design with Pro Landscaping software and Photo-Imaging
to Get ALL the Features You Want...

  • Easy-to-Use, Create Full-Featured 3D Pool & Landscape Plans...
    Using realtime landscape program (and powerful & easy
    to use graphical interface) lets you create truly amazing scenes with any of the 1000's of included items or create your own!

  • Create High-Quality Movie Presentations
    Use the virtual camera at any angle and path and create amazingly gorgeous full-screen deal-grabbing movies!

  • Animation, Sound, Wind & Wildlife!
    Instantly adds motion & sound to pools, spas, water-features, also set the wind and wildlife levels!

  • Pool TemplatesTM shapes...

    We have our most popular shapes already designed including the depths, steps &
    benches - all ready to place and edit!


  • Manufacturer's Tile Libraries...

    Now Includes huge Pool Tile selections
    from major manufacturer's like
    National Pool Tile, Master Pool Tile,
    Noble Tile and more.

  • Custom Rockfalls & Waterfeatures...

    New Custom Rock & Sheer Waterfalls and
    more, just pick them from the rock yard
    along with accent boulders!


  • Create any Environment...

    Add plants, trees, people & wildlife,
    pebble beach entries & realistic
    waterfalls and grotto caves & more!
    Let your imagination run wild!

  • Add Terrain Slopes, Mounds or Grading
    Sloped yards? Use the area grader or slope tool to create multiple slopes and terrain, mounds, or pits...


Create any type of terrain with multiple slopes, hills,
mounds, pathways, and more!

  • Realistic Environments & Lighting
    View in any time of day or night and realistic
    shadows will appear for different times of day based on the North arrow.

    All lighting turns on automatically at sunset & night!
    (large selection of home & landscape & pool / spa lights)

  • Import Google SketchUp
    Want to import other objects? Create your own 3D models in the program, or Import free Google Sketchup warehouse models and place and even modify them in the plan!

  • Includes Sample Drawings & Movies
    Includes pool designs & movies (as you see on this website) but in ultra high-quality resolution!

  • NEW Photo-Imaging in 3D...

    Superimpose the backyard or house for pool & landscape before & after photos (& movies) AND, it works in true 3D!
    (view any angle, height, perspective!)...

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Create and Estimate your Backyards with ultra-Realism

1D CAD Builder plans, 3D Renderings with Photo-Imaging, 3D movies!

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