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ESI Pool Estimator ProTM

Create Accurate & Professional Pool Bid, Contract, & Schedule in just minutes...


Now you can quickly create Estimates, Proposals & Contracts
from any printed pool plan or any pool design program

Works with any version of Excel - You can also customize it
with custom worksheets, buttons, printouts, and more!

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   The ESI EstimatorTM is a universal estimator
         spreadsheet that uses Excel that will give you:

    Project Cost & Sell Price:
       Excavation and Site work
       Electrical, Plumbing & Gas lines
       Masonry, Decking, Coping & Tile
       Pool Equipment and Accessories
       Lighting, Options, Water-features & more...
       All Areas/Perimeters, I.A., Gallons, etc.
NEW Construction Job Schedule & Base Pool Calculator!

 Then, you can quickly...

        Print Proposals/Estimates & Contracts instantly

        Track Job Costs for ALL Job Phases!

        Create Reports, Graphs, Job Schedule and more!


Works with any version of Excel - You can also customize it
with your own custom worksheets and printouts...

New Features ...

      EASY-TO-USE ExcelTM Spreadsheet
      Just type in your quantities and it does the math!
      Creates your
Proposals, Contracts & more
multiple bids or spreadsheets per customer!
      Do 'take-offs' from any pool plan in just 5-7 minutes!
         works independently (or copy/paste from pool drawing)
      Customize with your own prices & item descriptions
      Now give instant On-site Design, Proposal & Contract!

   Auto-Calculates ...

      Area, Perimeter, Gallons, Internal Area helpful for sizing
         pool equipment, chlorinators, ozonators, chemicals, etc.
      Running totals instantly as you create or edit bid.
      Price changes, taxes, subtotals, discounts or markups

More Info

   Saves you time & money ...

      Uses plain paper (NO expensive quote forms to buy)
      Convert your bids to PDF and email or fax with 'one-click'

   Password protect your forms and prices
      Works with ALL versions of MS Excel
TM -Excel 2007 or higher

Create Accurate Pool Bids in just Minutes...

Get our new
ESI Estimator
for Excel today for just $295!

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Fast, Accurate Pool Bids in just a few clicks...

Create Estimates and
takeoffs from plans!

pool estimator

   Easy-To-Use ExcelTM Sheet
  Both Sales and Cost prices!
  Create Proposals & Bids
  Instantly creates the Contract

pool estimator

e   Instant Markup/Discounts
  Store Job Information
  Pool Project Data & Criteria
  Job Notes & instructions


 ESI Pool Estimator

Create Pool Estimates in just minutes! ESI Estimator does all the calculations, pricing, and forms for you

ESI Pool Estimator

Auto-creates Custom Forms:
Proposals, Bids & Contracts!

Uses plain paper (any size)
NO more expensive forms!


ESI Pool Estimator

    Print multiple estimates
    Track & graph project cost
    Email or fax bid instantly


ESI Pool Estimator


Use with your PRO-SUITE
or independently!

"The Pool EstimatorTM is the answer
to my 'time-consuming' bid work"

Used by top pool builders
and pool designers!

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