Other Features


Area & Perimeter Measure Tool

Built-In Planimeter is included in our Pro-Suite!

Just 'Click' any Shape or Object in your Plan anytime to calculate
& view the Area & Perimeter INSTANTLY (in ANY scale):


All Standard & Metric Scales!

Our Measure Tool is certified accurate to 10,000 of a foot accuracy!
No more clumsy, slow or expensive
planimeters needed, ours is built into the program!

Print Multiple Phase Plan Layers
Your Plans can include an unlimited amount of layers:
Lets you choose which layers to print, view, lock, and more ...

Draw in Any Scale

or Convert or switch To & From any drawing Scale on the fly:

(1/8"=1' Architectural Scale Shown)

Convert To Any Scale

ALSO Convert any plot plan, hand sketch, fax or scan To & From ANY Scale:

(1"=20' Engineering Scale Shown)


Create Any Type of Building Plan
including General Contracting Plans with elevations

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