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Virtual 3D Pool Design

Create Amazing Pool & Landscaping Presentations
Using our add-ins and popular landscape program

New features 2017:  Create full-featured 3D movies including animated people, custom water fall and fire effects, custom grotto caves & water slides, rock waterfall and sheer waterfalls, and you can change to any time-of-day while in walkthrough mode!

  - New 4K ultra-high definition now supported (2017).
- 3D Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles are now supported* (view your projects with VR goggles)

    * (VR requires a 'VR ready" or "Oculus ready" PC/Laptop)




Design 3D Pools & Landscaping with Next-Generation Virtual 3D!



Design in 3D with a fun and easy-to-use software program

Drag-N-Drop 1000s of items,
start with our design templates,
or design from scratch!

3D Pool TemplatesTM  shapes

Professional 3D pool plans
and movie files!

Huge Pool Tile MFR library!

New custom water-features!

Create custom ponds with fish!

Make ANY 1D plan into a 3D plan!

Now includes 3D Photo-imaging!

Create any type of terrain!

Add glass/screen enclosures

Add 3D swimmers & sunbathers

Create instant watercolor plans

Great addition to your Pro-Suite


Powerful Features

New 3D Photo-imaging!

Shadows based on time of day and the 'North' arrow.

Realistic water movement & sound for pools, spas, waterfalls, ponds, fountains and deck-jets

Realistic fire effects for fire-pits, torches, fire-woks and fireplaces

Easy 'slope & grade' (+/-) tool

'Terrain map' for mounds & divots

Adds motion, sound, animation to pools, spas & water-features

Create full-size 3D drawings

Add backyard digital photos as a background with built-in photo-image editor

Adds professional 3D pool items

Create movies & presentations

Over 8800 items and many new
design tools for the most design features of any 3D pool & back-yard design program!

Add instant effects to your plans to create full watercolor plans, pencil or ink sketches and more!

Combines with new Landscape
software for the ultimate in
complete backyard design!

4K Ultra-High Definition video displays (and TVs) are now supported!

3D Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Realty) Goggles now supported! 

This product is only available
to PRO-SUITE owners!


3D Pool & Landscape

vailable for all PRO-SUITE users...

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Virtual 3D-TOUR

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Create & Visualize your backyard projects in ultra-realistic 3D!